Titijaya’s Whistleblowing Channel

Titijaya Group of Companies (“Titijaya” or “the Group”) Whistleblowing Channel enables genuine and legitimate concerns to be raised by the stakeholders (shareholders, employees, vendors, customers and etc.) to report a whistleblowing complaint to the management of Titijaya for immediate action.

Titijaya expects the highest standard of integrity from employees, management and directors. It takes a serious view on wrongdoing of employees, management and directors, in particular with respect to their obligations to the Group’s interests.

If parties believe reasonably that malpractices do exist in Titijaya, parties should immediately report this immediately to the direct parties. If for any reason that causes hesitation to report to the direct parties involved, then parties should report the concerns directly to appointed staff whose contact is provided at the end.

Parties can report a whistleblowing complaint if they are aware of wrongdoings, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Commission of fraud and/or corruption
  • Abuse of position
  • Unauthorized use of Company’s money, properties and facilities
  • Criminal breach of trust
  • Involvement in conflict of interest or business opportunity positions
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Non-compliance with Group’s Code of Conduct or Group Policies
  • Misuse or inappropriate disclosure of confidential information
  • Failure to meet professional standards
  • Acts which are deemed to be against the interests of the Company, laws, regulations and public policies
  • False and malicious concerns
  • Defaming concerns
  • Concerns without any basis or insufficient evidence
  • Concealment of any of the above concerns


Confidentiality and Retaliation
All whistle-blower information will be kept confidential by Titijaya Group of Companies and the Group will not tolerate any harassment of victimization and will take appropriate action to protect the person when he/she raises a concern in good faith. Any party that retaliates against someone who has reported a wrong doing in good faith may be subject to appropriate action, up to and including legal action, if applicable.

Whistleblowing Channel Appointed Staff – Email your concerns to whistleblowing@titijaya.com.my